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It is a colourless oil, b. p. 28o'J, with the properties of a weak
secondary base, dissolving in acids, and forming easily hydro-
lysable salts.

The reaction described in this preparation is of a general
character, and'furnishes a useful method for preparing members
of thrs series of heterocyclic compounds. Diazobenzolimide
condenses in a similar fashion with ketones (acetophenone) and
dibasic esters (malonic. ester) as well as with ketonic esters, as in
the present case. These substances possess the usual properties of
cyclic compounds ; carboxyl may be removed as CO.,, and alkyl
side-chains oxidised to carboxyl ; they may be stilphonated and
nitrated, and the nitro-group reduced to an ami no-group ; the
phenyl group attached to the nitrogen may also be removed by
oxidation. Thus, phenylmethyltriazole carboxylic acid loses
CCX on heating, and on oxidation the methyl group becomes
carboxyl and can also be removed in the same way. The
resulting product is phenyl triazole. The properties of the
individual triazoles are influenced, like other cyclic compounds,
by the groups attached to the nucleus, and to some extent also by
the basic character of the mother substance.

COHEN'S ADV. P. o. c.